Age: Location: KS
Measurements: n/a Eyes: brown
Height: 5'10" + Hair:  dark blonde
Weight: Hair length: below shoulders
Skin color: tanned Experience:   amateur
E-mail: n/a Mgmt./agent e-mail: kariesten@webspawner.com
Website: www.Karisten.com Booking phone: (941) 625-1649
Available for: x  fashion x  glamour    art
x   runway    lingerie    artistic nude
x  casual x  print    nude
x  sport x  swimwear    erotic
Acting/modeling: x  actor/actress x  television x  internet
x  film x  dancer x  magazine
x  stage    adult x  advertising
x  spokesperson/model x   voice-over
Credits/awards: I played Gina in a 
stage production of
Woody Allen's 
"Play It Again Sam"
Also taking voice lessons, and am trying to get into the music industry