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Please keep me informed of any Harriet Schock concerts.  She is an amazing performer / songwriter.  I will gladly inform friends in any part of the country she might appear. Thank You., If there is a mailing list for Harriet's shows add my name, otherwise I will continue to check the web site.
Thank you, Elaine

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HARRIET SCHOCK American Romance Future Schock FSD-19201-2 Best-known for writing Helen Reddy's 1975 smash `Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady,´ Harriet Schock defies easy categorization: composer, vocalist, musician, teacher, author. Such wide-ranging experience allows Schock to explore lyrical and melodic subtleties on her latest CD, American Romance (previously issued on cassette). According to the credits, Nik Venet `produced and directed´ American Romance, a tribute to the late producer's conceptualizing the disc as a seamless union of eight individual ballads. Nowhere is this more evident than on `The Lady Suite,´ a fresh seven minute interpretation of `Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady´ and `One Time Lover.´ Emphasizing the melody, arrangement, and singer -- pianist, Venet adds understated strings and atmospheric backgroud vocals, spotlighting the song and composer. Songs like `OK You Win, I Give Up´ and the title track would be hits, if today's radio formats broke free of their narrow restrictions. Celebrating the cherished memories a parent imprints on a child, Schock connects her personal longings to universal sentiments on `Dancing With My Father.´ In a rather different manner, `Coyote´ empathizes with the plight of that animal as development encroaches. More than echoing the singer-songwriter tradition, American Romance renews popular music for the 21st century.
Joe Tortelli/ Discoveries Magazine/ January 2001

Harriet Schock may be American music's best kept secret. With a voice that can be at once angelic and haunting, Schock makes her foray back into the recording world with recent CD releases American Romance and Rosebud. 

Schock, perhaps best known for writing the song "Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady," a smash hit for Helen Reddy in 1975, is also very much an artist in her own right, a true "artist's artist." 

After releasing three solo albums in the '70s, Schock picks up where she left off with American Romance, which could very well be called "American Classic," due to its fine songwriting by Schock and beautifully understated production by the late Nik Venet. It begins with the plaintive "OK, You Win, I Give Up, You're Right, I'm Gone," a song that pulls the listener in from the first words she sings. The quiet nature of the song almost disguises its biting lyrics..." Nephi Furguson

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AMG EXPERT REVIEW: American Romance was Harriet Schock's return to recording after two decades of behind-the-scenes songwriting. It was also her first collaboration with producer Nik Venet, and appeared as a cassette-only release in the early 90s, and then as a CD in 2000. It's an incredibly consistent effort, even by Schock's standards, and - for an album comprising just keyboards and vocals - its sound is remarkably rich and detailed, with some particularly lovely vocal arrangements. Schock's skills are, as always, to be found in her ability to put new spins on old subject matters. The title track takes a clear-eyed look at real relationships, free from the fanciful melodrama with which so many lesser songwriters imbue their compositions. Living, breathing relationships are explored on this album, and there is no attempt to gloss over such everyday realities as spite, jealousy, ardour and regret. Schock never patronises her audience like that, and it pays off. 

A high point is the reworking of her classic "Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady". What was passingly enjoyable easy listening in the hands of Helen Reddy, is a work of great maturity here. Schock splices the track with a new composition, "One-time Lover", resulting in a song-suite that has a strong narrative quality, almost like a mini-novel. 

Every other track would be worth analysing (particularly the sublime "For What It's Worth"), suffice to say that all have naggingly good melodies, scalpel-sharp lyrics, and fluid electric piano accompaniment. One final note - there are only eight tracks on American Romance. This is not a bad thing; in the midst of the CD era, with most artists cramming their albums with upwards of 16 tracks (not to mention shovel-loads of hubris, and those irritating 'hidden' cuts), it makes this a remarkably palatable work. Charles Donovan

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American Romance and Rosebud

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What the students said after the last Songwriters Guild Class
Just ended March 27, 2001

"Harriet's steps are focused and effective. Her techniques will save years of haphazard learning. I heard each participant take the seed of an idea to craft an extremely well-written, powerful song. The effectiveness can't be doubted after witnessing the results for myself."
Grace Vincent

"Before taking Harriet's class I spent 30 hours and $500 learning something that could have been taught in 30 minutes for $5. Harriet is a gifted teacher, as evidenced by the fact that every member of the class has written a better song, in my opinion, than the one they brought in the first day. Learning from Harriet is exciting, empowering, and WORTHWHILE."
Patricia Zehentmayr

"Harriet's class gives you the benefit of her judgment, not criticism, and it provides real tools for pulling out unique and telling details that make your work unique. She focuses on the work, not the blather. Students wind up with a series of steps that are helpful at any level from beginner to professional. When I get my Grammy, I'll thank Harriet. "
Stephanie Voss

"Harriet's class gave me invaluable songwriting tools that I have used when I have "writer's block," or when I get stuck in a particular train of thought." 
Kimberlee Lauer

"Harriet's songwriting class is fantastic! I now know how to really communicate through my songs! I had a four-year writing block. Not any more!! I have the tools to write a songs whenever I want to, even if I'm not 'inspired.' I look forward to future classes with Harriet Schock!"
Jill D. Coleman

"Harriet Schock's songwriting class inspires, encourages and informs the songwriter on how to truthfully create a concept that will flourish into a powerful message expressed through lyric, melody and music. Her class is a safe haven for the creative spirit to live and grow."
Clarolyn Maier

During the 10 short weeks of Harriet Schock's songwriting class, I saw raw beginners conceptualize, develop and complete (with melodies mind you) songs as good as I've come up with after 34 years as a professional songwriter. I find myself humming their tunes all day long, surprised and delighted to realize that these fresh new songs aren't from the radio (yet) but belong to various of my fellow students. The same skills that brought these beginners so far took my own writing to a fresh new level. I am excited about the future. In fact, I am already working on two new songs - and the class only ended yesterday! Thanks Harriet.
Terry Wolf

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