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From: Al Durrett, Fish-Tale Marina, Fort Myers Beach, FL: Mar 18, 2016 in regards to CALIFORNIA SURF, INCORPORATED

"Many thanks for yet another terrific performance provided by Celebrity Direct Entertainment! California Surf, Incorporated was a tremendous hit at our Customer Appreciation Party last month and we look forward to working with them again in the future. We received many compliments from our guests on what an amazing band they are and how much fun it was to dance to their favorite songs from the surf-rock genre! Your music exceeded our expectation and was the basis for our successful event. With sincere thanks, Al Durrett

From: Emily Geistfeld: Citrus Hills Golf & CC in Hernando, FL: Feb 23, 2016 
Anyone growing up in the early 60's and beyond will love this concert; for many of our audience members it was like stepping back in time. After the show, everyone was exclaiming “wouldn't it be nice” if they came back every year?! California Surf, Incorporated definitely rocked the joint! They really sounded great and you could tell that their vocals and harmonies were authentic and true. The fact that they were the real deal and actually performed and recorded with the Beach Boys made it that much more spectacular. Everyone was singing along and tappin’ their toes… couldn’t ask for more than that!

From: filledeplage: show review (Bridgeport, CT - May 16, 2015) 
   Downtown Cabaret Theatre, in Bridgeport, CT sits in a distinct undergoing massive revitalization. The Main Stage series offer a subscription series, full of both stage theater shows as well as many tribute acts. They have a BYOB (bring your own adult beverage - and take out meals.) It is an interesting intimate setup, with a community that appears culturally vibrant, using its theater to promote community revitalization. 
   Last night they hosted California Surf. I had sort of planned to go. Late in the week I saw an addition to the regular guys, and got my seats. Christian Love. Ya, I went to see "the kid" whose image is on the Sunflower album, as a toddler, next to his dad, and later for many years in the Touring Beach Boys Band. And it wasn't about his father last night. It was all about Christian, singing many of his father's lyrics, next to Beach Boys' band members, incredibly talented musicians, who brought so much to the BB bounty of sound. 
   Christian's leads opened and closed the show...and the setlist... 
-California Girls - Christian on lead 
-Dance, Dance, Dance - Billy Hinche and Bobby Figueroa 
-Do you wanna Dance? - Bobby - Billy 
-Do it Again - Christian 
-Darlin' - Adrian Baker 
-Don't Worry Baby - Adrian 
-I Can Hear Music - Adrian 
-Then I Kissed Her - of course, Christian 
-Surfer Girl - entire group 
-Sea Cruise - smiling and "ageless" Ed Carter, looks exactly the same as when he became involved in the late 1960's as a rocking hot guitarist. He played a wailing bass last night...lots of fun and maybe less well known work... 
-Little GTO - Bobby Figueroa - another singing drummer, once an aspiring baseball player, brought in to back Dennis Wilson, circa 1974. Gifted, beyond words. Also an actor, as recounted by music director and MC Billy Hinsche. Even guest acting spots on GH! My favorite soap! And working on a version of BB music en espanol! Love it! 
-4-0-9 - Christian 
-Shut Down - Christian 
-Little Deuce Coupe - Ed Carter 
-I Get Around - Adrian 
-Caroline No - Christian - solo. Billy commented the vocal similarities to "uncle Brian" (a cousin, not a real uncle, but deferentially used as a term of respect.) I find his voice more akin to Carl's but reasonable minds can differ. Billy told the audience it was Brian's first solo release, although included on Pet Sounds as the closer on side B. 
-Bobby did the amazing percussion, just enough...allowing Christian's voice and the song be the star. 
-Sherry - OMG Adrian's Four Seasons falsetto. I thought of my late dear girlfriend, Eleanor who loved The Four Seasons and The Jersey Boys. Tribute. His voice sounded not a day over 20. From the UK! The crowd went crazy with Sherry. 
-Wipe Out - there is an old YouTube from an old 4th of July DC (Washington) with Billy donning the regalia cap and sunglasses to do the Fat Boys schtick, and it was a gas! Find it for a yuk! My kids loved the Fat Boys, and I loved the BB's so when the Still Crusin' cassette was flipped over in the soccer van, my boys took over! Wipin' Out, indeed! 
-California Dreamin' - Adrian 
-Sail on Sailor - this one song - worth the price of admission. Holland. Released twice, in 1973 and 1975, the lead has been done by Brian Wilson, Carl, Billy Hinsche, Blondie Chaplin with Ricky Fataar, John Cowsill, and on the soundtrack of Martin Scorcese's The Departed. And the late Ray Charles at the 25th anniversary in Hawaii. The great Bobby Figueroa on lead! 
-God Only Knows - Adrian - and under Carl's "blue lights." 
-Sloop John B - Bobby Figueroa - great Carter bass! 
-Wouldn't it be Nice - Adrian 
-Help Me Rhonda - Ed Carter! Just awesome!  and Billy's fantastic key work! Among the best in BB's live corpus! 
-Kokomo - Billy 
-Good Vibrations - Adrian 
-Surfin' USA - Christian - Adrian co-lead 
-Encore - second show 
-Barbara Ann - group 
-Fun, Fun, Fun - Christian - Adrian shared lead 
   Post both shows, they went to the lobby for photo ops, autographs, and just to chat. There were girls "lining up" for Christian. 
   The BB's can't be everywhere. Brian Wilson can't be everywhere. California Surf Inc. does some deep cuts, from the early years and the early activist 70's when the touring focus was the college and university community, reseeding the fan base. These guys should not be missed. Their musicianship is sharp; the classic 5-6 guy live band standard that embodies rock. No frills. Just flat out rock and roll. I went to see the kid who zapped Caroline No, composed before he was born, and he is his own man, bringing his own touch, spellbinding the audience. 
   None of those guys are defined by the BB's, and there isn't enough space on any stage to fit them all. But, when these guys come to a place where you can get there on "a tank of gas" by all means, make the effort. They will make you feel 15, again and that is always worth the trip! 
   Thanks for that great double-header of BB (and other music!) 
From: Shirley George: newspaper correspondent in Port Charlotte, FL: Mar 4, 2014 
Charlotte County is fortunate to have Celebrity Direct Entertainment (CDE) that brings extraordinary shows to various venues. [...] As a Charlotte Sun correspondent, I had the pleasure of working with Cord on the promo stories for shows. He is dedicated to bringing the ‘best of the best’ entertainment to our area. It was a big party at the ‘California Surf’ show in February, 2014 at the Cultural Center Conference Center. Thank goodness the dance floor was large; I had a blast dancing to some of my favorite songs. The five-member group [were all] members who toured and recorded with the legendary ‘Beach Boys’ who rocked the house with hits such as ‘Surfin’ USA,’ ‘Kokomo,’ ‘Good Vibrations,’ ‘Help Me Rhonda,’ and many more. Keep ‘em coming, Cord. 

From: Wendy Woodman: Okeechobee KOA in Okeechobee, FL: Feb 2, 2014 
Our guests at Okeechobee KOA really enjoyed the high energy performance by California Surf, Incorporated.  We were transported back in time when the iconic music of the Beach Boys was heard and loved by folks of all ages.    The band members of California Surf engaged the audience as if we were sun-bleached blonds, in Hawaiian shirts with a surfboard on the roof rack of a “Woody” automobile.  California Surf, Incorporated is a party and great fun for all ages. 

From: Marlene Donaldson: Captiva Island Yacht Club in Captiva, FL: Feb 5, 2014 
Dear Cord -  What a concert! Thank you so much for bringing the surfer sounds to the Captiva Island Yacht Club. Compliments were abundant last night & today, & many said your concert at the club was the best party ever! It was so good seeing our members having so much fun -- all thanks to you and California Surf, Incorporated !
   Looking forward to more "cool sounds" from you and Celebrity Direct.    My best,   Marlene

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