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This performing/recording  group is not "The Platters," in any form, and should not be confused with the group using that name. This group is a tribute to the great Platters hit songs!
Verceal Whitaker, Al Holland and Kenn Johnson have many decades of combined experience touring the globe performing these hits to sold-out venues!
VERCEAL WHITAKER: Verceal started her career in Chesapeake, Virginia as a member of the Dawson Singers. She sang with several recording artists before joining The Platters and traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada as a member of the popular Top 40 group, "Attraction." She is blessed with a beautiful voice and an extraordinary vocal range. “The Dish” of the group is described as a true lady both on-stage and offstage. Over the years, Verceal has shared the stage with the Temptations, Spinners, Drifters, Coasters, Gary Pucket, Alan James’ Powerhouse, Pointers Sisters, Percy Sledge, Supremes, Contours, Dan Toler of the Allman Brothers, Tucci Band, Foreigner, and so many more. Verceal has performed at the Rainbow Room in NY, The Apollo in Harlem, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and throughout many countries, some of which include Japan, Philippines, and Australia. Verceal is a resident of SW Florida.

AL HOLLAND: Allen Holland, a native of Detroit, started is career in classical music with his principal instrument being the Violincello. Allen has played in many orchestras including the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, The Highland Park Chamber Orchestra, and The Windsor Symphony. Deciding to try something different, he chose the keyboards as his major instrument, which led him to join the show band, "Attraction" in 1970. He spent many years touring with the Platters as an acclaimed vocalist and keyboard player. Holland lives in Florida.

KENN JOHNSON: Kenn Johnson was born in Detroit, Michigan, so quite naturally he was a product of the early Motown scene. Raised in the same neighborhood as The Temptations, Johnson began his singing career in his early teens with The Romeos. In 1984, Kenn hit the national scene with his own band, "Shake, Rattle, n' Roll" and performed the classic sounds of the 1950s and 60s throughout the Western United States. In October, 1995, he left his successful experience with "Shake, Rattle, n' Roll" and joined The Platters.  Charisma, charm, and style describe Kenn, who resides in California.

MONROE POWELL: For the last 60 years, the legendary Monroe Powell has been a recording and touring lead vocalist with internationally acclaimed groups. First with The Dominoes (1958-63) and The Ink Spots (1960s), Powell is best known as the lead singer of The Platters since 1970, when he replaced Sonny Turner with the legendary group, becoming the third lead singer of the group following original Tony Williams, and Turner.  Powell has never claimed to be an original member of the Platters... but it cannot be denied that Powell was a mainstay with the group, as he’s actually the longest tenured “Platter” in history. He is a longtime resident of Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Only You, " "The Great Pretender," "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" ... and many more legendary hits!
last updated: Nov 27, 2017
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