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many of thee questions relate to the Ultimate Celebrity Address & Phone Book
Where do you guys get the information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) for The Ultimate Celebrity Address & Phone Book?
Well, frankly.... from *many* different sources! It's basically a full time job researching for the data included in The Ultimate  Celebrity Address & Phone Book. A few of the sources we use are the internet, alumni associations, high schools, colleges,record companies, actors guilds, hall of fames, former and current employers, and phone directories. Using fairly advance techniques in these medias, we're able to get access to a lot of information that normally isn't public domain. But, the most important, and the best, way in which we uncover some of this information is through the many personal celebrity contacts we've made over the years. Through years of autograph collecting, being in the industry ourselves, writing, and research, we've been able to make personal friendships with many in different celebrity and sports arenas. You'd be surprised what you can find out and get done if you know the right people!
Can I really call celebrities? I mean, isn't that stepping over the bounds of a fan?
Believe me, we've heard from many out there that phoning a celebrity is not proper etiquette in trying to receive an autograph. We believe there are times when this is acceptable.  Why can I call you at home doing some telemarketing for an off-brand credit card, and I can't call someone whom I admire to ask for permission to mail an item to them for their signature?  With personal experience, we've found that many celebrities don't mind hearing from fans. They answer fan mail, they exchange e-mails, and they don't mind an occassional 2 minute phone call from "the guy in Nebraska." Now, please know we do not condone invasion of privacy, harassing, stalking, phoning with rude comments, etc. If you do use the phone numbers in our directory, please use them in a professional and respectful manner. There's no reason not to accept the word "NO" if the celebrity says they can't sign an autograph, or answer your questions, etc. Phoning also has useful needs too! Many that buy our book are promoters, etc., looking for a musical gig to book at their casino, or writers or radio personalities looking for interviews, etc. We personally use the phone numbers to call to ask permission to send a particularly valuable item for their signature. We also use the phone numbers to follow up on important packages mailed through the mail. There's a thousand reasons for celebrity phone numbers .... but, there are no reasons for abusing the information you have!
What should I say when writing, e-mailing, or calling a celebrity?
This certainly can't be stressed enough:  just be yourself!  When writing, e-mailing, or phoning a celebrity, make sure to tell them who you are and the main reason you are contacting them. You'd never send a letter with nothing to say, so don't phone without something pre-planned as well. When we write or call someone, we always tell them who we are, where we're from, our occupation, and why we're calling. Then, at the conclusion of the message, tell them we admire their work, with a quick detail or two, and thank them for their time.... it's really that simple!
Do celebrities really read their fan mail?
Yes! Er..... No! Well, that really depends on the celebrity. Many celebrities do indeed set aside time to read and answer their fan mail. Especially those that are retired and you reach them at home. Others, read a small sampling of their mail. In many cases, secretaries and assistants sort the mail, have the celebrity sign the incoming items, and get them back out. The celebrity may not actually know what you wrote. In other cases, the celebrity may just have signed a stack of photos, etc., and the assistant sends those out to you. Remember, many celebrities, especially those that are currently working, do not have the time to sort through thousands of letters responding to autograph requests. Many have a strict policy on when and where they read fan mail, and how much. These practicies often change over time. Judging by the over 1,000 personally written letters we have in response to questions, etc., to celebrities, we can safely say that many celebrities do indeed personally read and respond to fan mail.
Do you guys actually collect autographs? Do you sell autographs?
We certainly do collect autographs.  As for many years, we still collect autographs for one reason: because it's fun! We don't sellmany autographs.  If you've downloaded our catalog, you will see that there are not even prices listed by the items in the catalog. But, there are instructions that say to offer a price for the item, or a fair trade, etc. We don't do this to get rich. We do this because it's fun, and maybe someday my son and daughters will have the collection, and they can pass it on down the line.
Can you get something autographed for me?
While you probably think the answer is no, actually it is yes... or at least we will try. If you are trying to reach a celebrity and aren't having any luck... let us know about it. We may be able to pull some strings for you. We charge $10 for each item we successfully are able to get signed.  We see a lot of celebrities in person and actually do this quite a bit for folks. Plus, via the mail..... *we have a lot of friends in entertainment & sports*
Do you sell celebrity merchandise?
Yes. In addition to the autographed items in our catalog, and those on our website, we also have exclusive "fan clubs" where you can receive autographed items you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. These select celebrities have become some of our closest friends and have agreed to distribute limited edition and hard to find merchandise through us. Many of these are performers and athletes which we represent through Celebrity Dirct Entertainment, an entertainment management company and booking agency. Additional merchandise can be found at www.CelebrityDirect.net
Do you use any sources for the book or for adding to your own collection I couldn't find elsewhere?
Yes, we do! Refer to another question that asks about sources for the book. Our greatest advantage is many in-person meeting with celebrities, celebrities we've gotten to know through the years, and many others close to celebrities that have agreed to help us out. Heck, we've even gotten to know many hotel receptionists that pass along letters, items, etc., to celebrities while they're staying at the hotel. Often, we receive a packet in the mail containing autographs or contact information from contacts made years ago that we'd forgotten about.
Hey, dude.... how much does the book cost? ( <= verbatim note received via e-mail :-)
The Ultimate Celebrity Address & Phone Book is now just $39 with shipping charges included. Refer to our book's page for more details.
How long have you collected autographs? How long have you researched celebrity contact information?
The answer to both questions is 15 years.
What else do you do other than collect autographs and research for your book?
Well, in addition to collecting autographs and researching, writing, and publishing the Ultimate Celebrity Address & Phone Book, we also: have a computer hardware and software company, do celebrity photography, research and write about celebrities, web page design, and have a celebrity promotions company.
Could you design a web site for me?
Sure could. Let me know what you're looking at getting and we can get you set up almost immediately. Plus, our rates are guarenteed to be lower than *anyone* else.
Hey, I bought the book, and I found a bad address.... now what?
Just send us the returned, dated, envelope or your yellow return sticker and we'll credit your account or send a refund for that bad address. 
Do you have "John Doe's" address? Could you find it for me?
Most of our time is spent researching and compiling current addresses. If you're looking for someone let us know. We strive to have everyone you'd want included in the book, so it let us know who we're missing.  When we find it we'll let you know.
Where are you located at? Do you have a store?
We're located on the Gulf Coast of Florida.... and recently opened a new office back in the Midwest (Kansas). We currently don't have a store open to the public, but you can take a tour of our memorabilia collection and our facilities if you call in advance.
Is Celebrity Direct going to publish any other materials?
Yes! Right now we're working on several books related to celebrities and autographs.  We also have plans of reintroducing our autograph collecting magazine.
How can I get a catalog of autographed items you have for sale?
Click the link on the left-hand-side to download our autograph inventory catalog in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.
I see you have several addresses listed for "John Doe." Should I write to his office, home, or what?
This really varies for the individual celebrity. Feel free to e-mail us with the particular name and we'll let you know which address we recommend using. Also, in the book, there are designations for attempts/successes for particular addresses. Many prefer to get mail in care of their agency, at home, or at their current business. Also, it never hurts to try all available addresses. But, again, we'll offer advice free of charge. :-)
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