From: Gary Roberts :: Summer Crush Vineyards & Winery, Ft. Pierce, FL 3/6/17 - GLENN LEONARD PRESENTS HITSVILLE LIVE
   We have had many well-known performers and bands here, and without a doubt GLENN LEONARD PRESENTS HITSVILLE LIVE was one of the very best! It really could not have been better. It was Motown at its finest, presented by the very finest performers and musicians. And I pay Mr. Leonard the highest compliment I canÖ. he (and everyone in his show) is a true CLASS ACT, both professionally and even more important, personally! I and my audience canít wait for them to return.
   And Mr. Coslor was a pleasure to work with from initial discussion all the way through the evening of the performance. Cord is easy to work with and a straight shooter, and professional in all regards! I look forward to working with Cord on many more shows here.

From: Lynette Reddix, Lyndon Music Group: Dec 15, 2014 in regards to GLENN LEONARD PRESENTS HITSVILLE LIVE
To Cord - It was such an honor to meet you and your fabulous artist, Glenn Leonard and his Hitsville Live band - they were Super!!!! Their magic on stage is simply phenomenal, bringing the sound of Motown had the audience dancing and singing along as we all enjoyed their performance. Iím already receiving emails for future performances from them in the upcoming 2015 year. Thank you again for everything and look forward to future endeavors!!

From: Jackie Howard, Jac-Ron Entertainment: Mar 21, 2014 in regards to GLENN LEONARD PRESENTS HITSVILLE LIVE
   (Former Temptations member) Glenn Leonard, lead singer, and the performers in this show were simply amazing. Each song was perfected.  The three female singers were superb. The band is smokin!  The interaction with the audience made the atmosphere very happy and friendly.  Such fun for them to relive all the hit Motown wonderful songs and more.  They had the audience up and out of their seats dancing in the isles.  A standing ovation before they were on the last song, "Keep on truckin'"! Absolutely a fun show to see and have a great night!  Don't miss this show, GLENN LEONARD, Former Lead Singer of the Temptations, presents HITSVILLE LIVE!

From: Mark Asciutto in Port Charlotte, FL: Feb 18, 2014 in regards to GLENN LEONARD'S HITSVILLE LIVE
Dear Cord, thank you for bringing Glenn Leonard Presents Hitsville Live to Visani. All I can say is wow! Many shows would just perform using a famous name then skimping on the back up talent. But I must say that all 9 members of the group are amazing. The others singers in the group could easily perform their own show to sold out shows. And Glenn Leonard still has it and it shows why he was a lead singer for "The Temptations". The combination of Glenn with the entire group truly put me in a place when music was great. I personally loved the show and had many of my customers share the same thoughts and feelings. Performing a true live show in this day and age amazes me. Their group could easily sacrifice quality for money and play tracks, but they don't. Glenn Leonard Presents Hitsville Live is a Las Vegas quality show. I wish them all the best and hope they can return in the future to perform on my stage.

Mark Asciutto
Visani Dinner Theater
Port Charlotte, Florida

From: Fred Barry: Edison's in Ft. Myers, FL: Feb 13, 2014 in regards to GLENN LEONARD PRESENTS HITSVILLE LIVE
Good afternoon Cord and Glenn
   I wanted to take a moment and thank the you, Glenn and company for helping to make the first concert series event a success. You all did a FANTASTIC job! (The) crowd was loud and everyone said they had a wonderful experience and would definitely do it again. The food, the service and the entertainment was all quality and appreciated by all that attended. If we [...] continue to build on this event we can create a lucrative income base by doing these type of events on a regular and basis.
   I look forward to working with you in the future in obtaining some acts that will fit our budget and be a win for all. 
   Thank you again gentleman it was an honor to host this event.
Fred Barry
Talent !
Entertainment Management & Booking

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